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so, to end 2008 i thought i'd keep with the format a friend showed me and write mini "letters" to people.
these are to the amazing group of friends i have on the hill.

you've been kind of absent since you met kevin. but when you're around it's amazing. thanks for being short like me :p and always giving me a good laugh.

you are AMAZING. we're a lot alike and i'm so glad i have someone to share my weirdness with . you keep me in check when i get too worked up and for that i'm forever grateful.  we like weird stuff like video games and are easily amused (pot-o-gold!! yeah!) unlike the rest of our group. you're kinda quiet most of the time but when we have our talks they're awesome. AND we're from parallel universes, remember!? :D

you're one of the first best friends i got here on the hill. i can talk to you about absolutely anything and you're ALWAYS there to listen and smack me around if need be. you're crazy and funny and can always make things fun even if everyone is completely miserable. thanks for supporting me through the past few weeks. i couldn't have made it without you.


what can i say that you don't already know? we're complete opposites but i think that's what my life really needed. what fun is it to always be around people who are just like you? we've been through some crap together and you saw me through my rough patches and encouraged me through the hell that is gen chem. you believed in me when no one else did or understood what i was going through. i'm glad i can be there for you now and be your "rock"  although i'd prefer to never have to go through the hell of a finals week that we just had again, i'd be there for you again in a heart beat and do every second of it over again if i had to. you're amazing and you've come a long way. i can't wait to see how far you'll continue to go.  ps. we're totally moving to seattle together the second after we graduate. :D  thanks for being my person.


i miss you. i'm not really sure what happened or who changed but we don't talk that much any more. we're family though, so i know we'll get it worked out.  i love you and i'm here for you and i hope you know that.

 This quote definitely sums up my year.

"we are all broken.
in some way or another.
we are all so fragile that someone inevitably ends up shattering us into a million pieces, whether it be intentional or not.
the beauty in this is it happens to all of us, and we all face the same choice.  
you can let the bitterness and stubborness set in. harden your heart, don't let anyone in.
or you can pick up the pieces, put yourself together as best you can and move on. grow."

and with that, i bid you all a fond farewell until 2009.

Mar. 30th, 2005

all entries after this date will be friends only :-)

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